Matt Landsberg


Address: C.L.A. Title Headquarters, 9210 Corporate Blvd #150 Rockville MD 20850 USA

About Matt Landsberg

Matt Landsberg is a licensed title agent in over 30 states. His hands-on approach to business has provided him with a vast understanding of workflow and operations in the title and escrow service industry.

Matt graduated from the University of Maryland studying Finance and Marketing. He originally had a career in structured finance and asset-backed securities. Prior to founding C.L.A. with John, he built a successful clothing company, working with some of the DC region’s most prominent citizens. Matt’s experiences bring a wealth of market knowledge in business planning, organization, and implementation.



As an Independent Settlement Agent (English and Spanish closer) I had the wonderful opportunity to work with C.L.A. Title and Escrow Company that has a high level of responsibility and professionalism, and for that I highly recommend them for your next Real estate transaction.

Margaret Reyes



I have closed 30-35 purchases/refis here last year and every single one went without a hitch. Inexpensive and always a smooth process. Highly reocmended!

Kent Ege

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